Gender Roles And Rules .

Gender Roles and Rules !

It’s perhaps one of the first things we learn as a kid – the roles and rules associated with our gender. They have been glorified for generations in religious texts, in philosophy, in fiction, television and even constitutions; where you are expected to happily accept the stereotype assigned to you, irrespective of your desires. And somehow the females always end up with the short stick.

Women Rights Matter

Women Rights Matter

Men are the provider, women are the homemaker. Men make the important decisions, and it is not a woman’s place to question them. Any idea that would contradict such a patriarchal tradition is blasphemy. (Role reversal? Kill the heretic!)

Based on the country the restrictions imposed on women vary: Not allowed to drive, Not allowed outside without a headscarf, Not allowed inside specific mosques or temples, Not allowed to work without high heels and etcetera. It makes you wonder, who made these rules and why are we still expected to follow them when today we know better?

No gender is made to fulfill specific roles because gender does not define personality. If women want to break the bonds of patriarchy, they will have to question everything they’ve been taught by the same society that subjugates them.


Written By : Anjali Barjatya